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Documentation of the RA.329   -   posted: March 26, 2008.
I recently purchased a RACAL RA-329. I am looking for the manual and some of the front panel knobs.
The medium AGC is not operating and the megacycle dial, when selecting from 12 to 21 mc,
must be set between the two MC selections to bring the circuit into resonance ...?
Any assistance with locating a manual will be appreciated. Thanks! Paul.   E-mail:

Documentation of the RA.298   -   posted: February 14, 2007.
I am looking for the manual, or just the diagram of the RA.298 ISB adaptor.
Please mail to Palle Sprogøe, OZ1KFC.   E-mail:

Information or documentation for TR-15-A   -   posted: December 1, 2006.
I have a RACAL HF transceiver type TR-15-A, but no information about this unit.
Can somebody help me with any information, or tell me wehere information or
documentation about the TR-15-A can be found?
Best regards, Philippe (F6BEC).   E-mail:

Alignment of the 37.5 and 40 MHz filters of the RA.17L   -   posted: October 30, 2006.
I do not have a CT-501, but I do have a Wiltron 610 D sweep generator and a scope.
Does any one here know if I can use this setup for the alignment of the RA.17L ?
If so, any tips on setup ?
Many Thanks! Ross.   E-mail:
(Remark: that would be a good item to put on this website! more people would like to read about this)

Rotary switch BSW 15942 for RACAL RA.98   -   posted: November 18, 2005.
I am looking for the rotary switch, type number BSW 15942. It is the knob on the left on the
front of the RA.98 ISB adapter to adjust the AFC motor (move the indication dial on the green
zero field. The text on the front panel for that knob is SET - OPERATE - SET. If you have that
switch or know a source where to get it, please let me know.
Thanks! Hans (PE1NXG).   E-mail:

Spring clips to hold the nailprotector plates   -   posted: March 22, 2004.
I am searching for 2 spring clips used to hold the nailprotectors plastic plates in their position
behind the kc/s and Mc/s dial of the RA.17 and RA.117. Does anybody have 2 spares for me?
E-mail: Tjerk Jansen,

RA.63 Single Sideband Converter   -   posted: March 17, 2004.
I am looking for an RA.63 sideband adapter for my RA.17.

MA.79G RF output level meter   -   posted: March 12, 2004.
I have an MA-79G for restoration.
All is functional except for the RF level meter (Ernest Turner 0-48.5 microamp movement)
which is open circuit. I need another and hope that you may be able to suggest a source.
Rewinding is not possible here in Australia. David Brown VK2DZB

MA.175 / MA.202 documentation   -   posted: February 18, 2004.
I am looking for the documentation of the MA.175 and/or MA.202 ISB Modulator.
I have an MA.175 that does not contain the filters.