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Frequently  Asked  Questions

What is this "RCC" ?
RCC is an abbreviation and stands for "RACAL Collectors Club".
The club tries to bring people in contact with each other that share a common interest: collecting and enjoying the old RACAL equipment of the sixties and seventies (and more recent...!).
To be a little more specific, this site is mainly dealing with RA.17 / RA.117 receivers and MA.79 transmitter based equipment, thus also all the nifty units that can be connected to the mentioned base units. The club also welcomes all collectors of the more modern RACAL stuff, but the maintainer of this site, Henk (PA8PDP), has no knowledge of this modern stuff.
Can I contribute to RCC ?
If you have documentation that is not listed, please contact the maintainer of this site. Just send an e-mail and tell what documentation you have. All members can benefit from donated documentation. Here is the deal: You can buy a CD-ROM with .PDF files of the scanned documentation at 400 dpi at media and shipping costs, or offer documentation and as a "reward" receive that CD-ROM.
Can I help other members ?
That depends, but yes, why not ?
Look on the "Seek" page. Maybe somebody asks for documentation that you happen to have! Send that guy an e-mail and you can work something out between you. RCC just tries to make contact between people with a common interest.
How can I get help ?
Again, look on the "Seek" page. Click the e-mail button at the top right-hand corner and compose a message. The maintainer validates the message and will put it up on the "Seek" page within a few days.
How do I restore the knobs to shiny black ?
Perhaps you noticed that sometimes the knobs on your RA.17 (etc.) are greyish of color. However, you have seen them also shiny black, as new. This tip comes from Johan (PE1RHC).
He puts the knobs in the dishwasher and sets the machine to 30 degrees Centigrade. The washing program runs for 2 hours. After that the knobs are very clean. To restore the smooth shiny surface, Johan applies a generous amount of wax on the knobs. He uses the kind of wax used to brush up the dashboard of a car. After a while he polishes off the wax from the knobs, and they come out as new!
Note: you might try this procedure with old damaged knob first ...!
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