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Here I present several links I have bookmarked to websites which show more information on PDP-11 systems. They reflect my interest in the "old iron".
Many of these sites also contain links to other non-DIGITAL computer systems like microcomputers, PC's and mini computers from other companies (like Data General, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, etc.)
I try to keep all the links valid and will remove invalid links. I would appreciate comments, reports on dead links and new links of course. Please send an e-mail if your site is listed here and you would rather not see that here.
I cannot ask everybody for their permission, but will honor wishes.

Informational sites
Here you can find all kind of information about the PDP-11 hardware, software, version numbers, module numbers with their description, history, etc.

Personal PDP-11 sites
On the Internet are many people who share the same hobby: collecting PDP-11 systems (and many other systems as well sometimes). They all like to show what they have and are often reporting on the progress of their work to get them running.

PDP-11 utilities
Sites that have information and add-on software for a PDP-11.

UNIX   and   D | I | G | I | T | A | L
UNIX related topics and PDP's.

Commercial vendors and Trade lists
If you are looking for a specific option and cannot succeed in a thrift shop, you might be tempted to spend some big bucks ...

Informational sites

Must read information

    Hints on Testing a Dead PDP-11
    The PDP-11 FAQ
    Classic Computer Rescue Squad

DECnet information

    HECnet - The hobbyist DECnet
    DECnet for Linux

DECstation information

    DECStation Linux info page
    DECStation Linux Model / Status
    Linux MIPS on a DECstation
    Linux/VAX Porting Project
    Linux for DECstations - Documentation

VAXstation and 'real' VAX information

    The VAX archive
    The WWW MicroVAX/VAXstation FAQ
    VAX hardware reference
    Chuck's House of VAX
    VaxStation 3100 page
    DEC VAX History
    The Haus--The VAX Files, Part 1 The Beginning
    Vax 11-750 Frequently Asked Questions By James Lothian
    VAX-11/750 11/780
    VAX-VMS on Linux using SIMH
    VUP Performance Chart


    The ClassicCmp mail list
    Index of /pub/academic/computer-science/history/pdp-11/
    ftp /pub/academic/computer-science/history/pdp-11/
    VT100.net: Terminal Information
    PDP-11 Field Guide to QBus and Unibus Modules
    DEC GT40 Graphic Display Terminal
    Index of /freeware/FREEWARE50/DECTALK/MANUAL

    Usenet vmsnet.pdp-11
    Usenet alt.sys.pdp11

OpenVMS information

    OpenVMS FAQ
    OpenVMS Documentation
    OpenVMS Freeware (VS0185)
    OpenVMS Hobbyist Home Page
    Process Software - OpenVMS Resource Center
    Unofficial Affordable OpenVMS License Home Page
    OpenVMS FAQ
    DeathRow OpenVMS Cluster
    HoffmanLabs :: FAQ
    VMS - UNIX Commands
    VMS Help
    HP OpenVMS systems - freeware CD
    HP OpenVMS systems documentation
    OpenVMS FAQ


    PDP-11 RT11 Games
    (D Bit) Index of /pub/pdp11/rt11/games/
    Classic Computer Game: Star Trek
    The Interactive Fiction Archive

Emulation (software & hardware)

    DEC PDP-10 Emulation
    PDP-10 - Paul Allen
    The DEC Emulation Webpage
    DEC PDP-11 Emulation
    Simulated PDP-11 with RSTS/E
    Ersatz-11 PDP-11 emulator
    Ersatz-11 - Index of /pub/pdp11/empty
    SIMH - The Computer History Simulation Project
    Home-made KY11 Interface


    TCP/IP Package for TSX-Plus ASxxxx Cross Assemblers PDP-11 Software
    FTP and Telnet Package for Small Systems
    Download RSTS/E
    ftp D BIT RT11 software /pub/pdp11/rt11/
    ftp D BIT /pub/pdp11/boot/prom/
    ftp ftp://ftp.update.uu.se/pub/pdp11/ software
    Index of dunnington/public/

Personal PDP-11 sites     (No specific order)

Vintage Computer Festival
Kees's Computer Home
Megan B Gentry
The Gentry Collection of Mature Computers
Carl Friend's Computer Collection
Rich's classic computing lab
House for Retired and Aged Computers
Old Computers
Ákos Varga's PDP-11 site
Tom Uban - The Computer Museum
Ethan's Retrocomputing Corner
Freddy Meerwaldt's Homepage
YAPP - Yet another PDP-11 Page
pdp-11.trailing-edge.com home page
Online PDP-8 Main Page
Highgate's PDP-8 Page
pdq8.grillet.co.uk Home Page
Itzehoer Computer Museum

PDP-11 utilities

PDP-11 DECUS Software Index
PDP-11 archives at sunsite.unc.edu
Kermit for the PDP-11

UNIX related topics and PDP's

DEC Module Database Search
Mailing list Archive
LSX Unix Restoration Page
UNIX 7th Edition on PDP-11 Simulator

Commercial vendors and Trade lists

Strobe Data Inc.
Keyways, Inc.
JT Computer Marketing, Inc.

Yahoo! Groups : CVML
Yahoo! Groups : PDP11NL (Dutch language)

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